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Sukup Recognizes Women In Agriculture

Apr 11, 2024

There are many ways that women play an active role in the agriculture industry. We see it daily within the walls of Sukup Manufacturing Co. We also have the pleasure of working with so many women through our dealer network. Recently we had the honor of hosting a group of five individuals from a Sukup dealer in Illinois, A&P Grain Systems, and Vern’s Farm Supply: Melissa Brady, Brittany Chatfield, Emma Smith, Vanessa Kochevar, and Kristi Kisich.

During this visit, they had the chance to put faces to the name and meet the Sukup employees that whom they have connected and formed relationships. They toured the plant in Sheffield and gained more information and insight into how Sukup runs and how the products they order make it to their farmers.

Melissa Brady, Secretary-Treasurer for A&P Grain Systems, is part of the family business. Her father started the company in 1996. “I even was on the bin crew when I was younger, and then from there my father just saw how important the office was and how I needed to start focusing my time there.” Melissa started working with the company in 1998, and since then has been a crucial part of the team. Today they have grown to 50 employees. Melissa has enjoyed seeing more women getting involved in this industry.

Vanessa Kochevar, the Office Manager of Vern’s Farm Supply, has been a part of the company for 10 years. She has also seen and experienced growth in this industry. “It's cool because I feel like as women we know just as much as the guys do. No, we don't go out there and build it, but we do a lot of the behind-the-scenes things and so for us all to get together and spend some time away from the office and tour Sukup is really cool.”

The increasing presence of women in a traditionally male-dominated industry brings many contributions. Sukup Manufacturing Co. is thrilled to witness women getting involved and helping this industry grow and succeed. Roles like this are crucial to the future of agriculture, and this is evident in the stories of Melissa and Vanessa.

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