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Family is InGrained in Sukup: The Hagner Family

Sep 4, 2023

Wherever you work, it is pretty common to form strong friendships and bonds with your coworkers, this is sometimes referred to as a ‘work wife’ or ‘work husband.’ In this case, Carl and Christine Hagner are a work couple, and a real-life couple! They decided that they wanted to come work for Sukup Manufacturing Co. years ago as a married couple and have been working as the perfect duo ever since.

They spent the first few months of employment proving that being a married couple would not harm the work, but would benefit it. They started working the night shift in different departments trying to find the best fit for them as a duo. Soon they became known as the people to call to ‘help put out the fires’ and found their home in the Bin Doors Department.

Carl explains the benefits he has seen working with his wife, “Well, when you work together long enough, I don't care if you're a husband or wife, or if you're just partners. You start to learn each other's next step.” Because of this he says that he and his wife anticipate each other’s move, and what they need to get the job done as fast as possible. Christine is happy that the tradition of hiring families has stuck for Sukup, “I think it's great they see that it works out and that you get the production done, it's tremendous.”

Sukup Manufacturing Co. was founded on the backbone of family, and it is something that we are proud to continue doing. We have seen firsthand the benefits of Team Sukup consisting of siblings, couples, parents, etc. not only in the work, but also the benefits it brings to the team. The company believes in providing the best experience for our employees, and working with relatives brings happiness into the workplace. If you are interested in joining our family, apply on our website,  or text 641.892.8161.

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