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Family is InGrained in Sukup: The Heilskov Brothers

Oct 26, 2023

If you think you’re seeing double, don’t worry you’re not. Today we are introducing the Heilskov brothers. They share their experiences working for a family-owned and operated manufacturer, and how it has given them opportunities outside the walls of Sukup Manufacturing Co., but also how it has allowed them to work closely together and grow their relationship. Sukup knows how great it can be working so closely with your family, and we are happy that others can experience that also.


Chris Heilskov is Material Handling Engineer Lead and Casey Heilskov is a Dryer Engineer Lead. The extra time working together at Sukup has really helped strengthen their bond and friendship. Chris says, “He's honestly my best friend and it's nice being able to work with him and see him every day. I’m not sure we'd be nearly as close if we didn't work together.” Casey also shares how he is grateful to have his brother in the engineering department, because it gives him someone to go and talk to and bounce ideas off of.

Not only do they see the benefits of working for a family-owned and operated manufacturer as family themselves but also working for an agriculture company as farmers. Casey is proud to work for a company that appreciates and understands the life of a family farmer. “They like having family farms involved with the company, they just know we have the right mindset and the customer understanding.” There are always instances where things come up, and the company understands that family comes first, the Heilskov brothers have experienced the need to take a day off to go help at their farm because they are short hands, and that is something employees at Sukup needn’t stress about. To have farmers work at Sukup, means an understanding of the customer mindset and needs. It also comes in handy when testing products. “I've lost count of how many times I've seen something that directly influences how I would design something, and it makes me air on the side of quality.”

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