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Family is InGrained in Sukup: The Hubka Family

Nov 27, 2023

The Hubka name has filled the walls of Sukup Manufacturing Co. since 1978, and today we introduce a few of the Hubkas that are a part of Team Sukup. When Don and Dolores Hubka moved their family to the area, Don began working as a service man for Sukup. Ever since then there has always been a Hubka working at Sukup.

Dan Hubka, Dave Hubka, Denise Hubka, and Doreen Dohlman and many of their kids have worked at Sukup as well. They understand what it's like to work at a company that is well-versed with multi-generational leadership and employees. Dan Hubka says, “It’s not just dad and the kids, the third generation has stepped in too.” With three generations of the Sukup family active in the company, it is wonderful to see other families playing an active role in the company. Eugene and Mary Sukup were a big part of Hubka’s lives growing up. Doreen says, “How they have stressed the work ethic through the years, and the big thing I have always respected is the faith and family.”

Working alongside your family is full of challenges, but the Hubka’s take advantage of all the positives. Dave says how he is always hearing Denise’s name over the radio, Denise says, “I have to stay busy all the time, I interact with Doreen a lot.” When Denise was asked how she likes being known as ‘that’ person she says, “That’s alright, I know where to find stuff, so people don’t have to wander around.” The Hubka’s have played a crucial role in the success of Sukup, and they have always worked hard to make sure things run smoothly. Doreen says, “One thing Eugene always said was, if you can’t find the part, you figure out how to find it, and you take care of that customer.”

The Hubka’s have been taking care of our customers since 1978 and we look forward to many more years with them. If you want to join a company where you can leave your mark check out our careers page, or text 641.892.8161.

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