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Introducing Sukup Innovations

May 22, 2024

Sukup Manufacturing Co. has long been at the forefront of innovation since its inception in 1963. What began as a grain handling company has evolved significantly over the years. With a strong presence across the Midwest and a notable global footprint in Ag Tech, Sukup has consistently pushed the boundaries of agricultural technology, pioneering IoT dryers and control systems that revolutionize farming practices worldwide.

"In the last 20 years, we've grown 12 times larger with products we weren't making initially,” says Steve Sukup, Chief Executive Officer of Sukup Manufacturing Co. and second generation Sukup family member. “We keep adding other products to our overall offerings. Whether it's on the farm or in manufacturing, we enjoy growing and designing – that's what keeps us moving forward.”

The need for ongoing innovation in agriculture drove Sukup to acquire Ramco Innovations in December 2023, with the goal of bolstering agricultural innovation through automation. This strategic partnership brought together the expertise and resources of Sukup and Ramco, combining Sukup's renowned reputation for quality and reliability with Ramco's deep expertise in automation technologies. “Sukup has worked with Ramco for some of our automation initiatives in the past. The results were outstanding. As we’ve started bin measurement and monitoring systems, Emily (Schmitt) brought up Ramco and CEO Hank Norem. With its suite of automation, robotics, and industrial expertise, the partnership was a no-brainer. We are bringing a solid foundation for progression within the industrial sector.”

This acquisition resulted in the creation of Sukup Innovations, a new entity poised to develop and launch innovative products collaboratively. Comprising of Ramco Innovations, Maple Studios, and a fusion of new solutions, Sukup Innovations unites Sukup, Ramco, and Maple Studios under a single umbrella. While each company retains its distinct strategies and objectives, this integration facilitates the exchange of best practices, fostering synergies across the organization.

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Both Ramco and Sukup share a steadfast commitment to crafting inventive solutions for their customers, perpetually exploring emerging technologies.

As we look to the future, Sukup Innovations is excited to bring automation to farms and lead the way in creating advanced agricultural solutions. With the combined strengths of our companies, we're confident in achieving remarkable success. Additionally, we're actively hiring across our entities to further enhance collaboration and accelerate the development and launch of innovative products to market.

“I'm excited for Ramco and Sukup to partner and drive additional manufacturing capabilities and innovation across the Midwest.” said Hank Norem, Chief Innovation Officer of Sukup and Chief Executive Officer of Ramco.

Stay tuned for our next stories in the series as we continue to forge ahead under the Sukup Innovations umbrella, shaping the future of agriculture and pioneering innovative solutions for farms worldwide.

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