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Ramco and Sukup: A Partnership for Solutions

Jul 1, 2024

When two companies, each with a legacy spanning over six decades, come together, it's more than just a business transaction – it's an integration of shared values, ambitions, and histories.  

This is the case for the partnership between Ramco Innovations and Sukup Manufacturing Co. when forming the new entity Sukup Innovations™. This partnership will facilitate the development of new products and solutions, starting with Synk™, a new bin monitoring solution designed to enhance grain storage management for farmers.  

Synk aims to enhance farm productivity and profitability by providing on-farm automation solutions, starting with bin-monitoring infrastructure in phase one, and gradually developing an integrated ecosystem of ag-related components for comprehensive grain management. 

Founded over 60 years ago, both Sukup and Ramco started as family-owned businesses, guided by a goal to improve their respective industries. Sukup, the world’s largest family-owned manufacturer of grain storage, handling, and drying equipment, has been a leader in agricultural technology. Ramco Innovations, which began as a family-owned business, has grown into a leader in industrial automation, providing comprehensive solutions across various industries. 

“Sukup and Ramco have both thrived by staying true to our roots while embracing the future. This partnership is about leveraging our shared values and complementary strengths to bring cutting-edge automation and agricultural solutions to the market,” said Hank Norem, Chief Innovation Officer of Sukup and Chief Executive Officer of Ramco. 

Sukup and Ramco’s dedication to innovation is evident in their history of adaptation and creation of new products. Sukup has consistently pushed the boundaries of agricultural technology, pioneering IoT dryers and control systems that have transformed farming practices. Similarly, Ramco has been at the forefront of automation technology, delivering solutions that enhance efficiency and safety in manufacturing processes. 

“This partnership is an exciting step for both of our companies. Together with Ramco, we are not only advancing agricultural technology but also honoring our shared commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions, setting a new standard for the industry,” said Steve Sukup, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sukup and second-generation Sukup family member. 

Their office locations nearly mirror one another, with both companies having a strong presence in the Midwest. This geographic alignment not only facilitates collaboration but also underscores their shared commitment to serving the heartland of America. 

By joining forces under the new entity, Sukup Innovations, these two organizations will harness their combined legacies and shared values to create new products, starting with Synk, that will transform the future of farming worldwide. 


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