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Sukup Manufacturing Co. Recognized as Best Place for Working Parents

Feb 6, 2024


For the second year in a row, Sukup Manufacturing Co. has earned recognition for its commitment to working parents. The Best Place for Working Parents ® award showcases the company’s continued support through family-friendly policies and improved practices and comes at a time when a childcare facility is in the near future. Family is a pillar at Sukup, and they have worked to make the company a place that prioritizes family and allows employees to do the same.

“It’s exciting,” says Margaret Standish-Bruce, Sukup Corporate Counsel, and new mother. “We believe in policies that positively impact the parents who work to provide for their families. Within the past year Sukup has implemented four weeks of paid parental leave for the birth or adoption of a child. That time is precious when bonding with your child.”

In addition to flexible working hours, the manufacturing company has a free on-site health care clinic, zero-dollar healthcare and dental premiums, recognizes numerous paid holidays, and added two ‘personal holidays’ for employees.

Emily Schmitt, Sukup CAO/General Counsel, knows it’s an ongoing journey to provide benefits that will attract employees.

“We believe investing in our employees is about quality of life,” says Schmitt, a 3rd generation Sukup family member. “Continued investment in Iowa families bodes well for not just the workforce, but our communities, as well.”

Continuing efforts to make life a little easier for working parents, the Sheffield Childcare Expansion was born. The consortium consists of Sukup, West Fork School District, and UBTC. This past November, a groundbreaking signified a new era of childcare for Franklin County. Bin Town Child Care is expected to open in late summer of 2024 and will have spots for more than 100 children. It’s located at 442 South Gilman Street. You can learn more about the childcare project and how to get involved here.

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The call is out for the community to rally alongside the consortium. Bin Town is for all families and that brings with it a need for fundraising. The consortium secured a matching grant from Future Ready Iowa and Sukup donated the land on South Gilman Street, but there’s still a need for more donations.

If you’re interested in donating, checks can be made out to Sheffield Childcare Expansion and dropped off at any of the three United Bank & Trust Company locations in Franklin County.

Sukup Manufacturing Co. is proud to be acknowledged for their commitment to supporting employees and to be named as one of Iowa’s, The Best Place for Working Parents! ® and we are excited to see how Sukup continues to bring these benefits to their employees.

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