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Sukup® Paddle Sweep: Built-to-Last

May 25, 2023

The last part of our Paddle Sweep® series focuses on the heavy-duty features and how our Sukup team designed it to be built-to-last. If you want to view other benefits about safety and efficiency, check out our other posts here and here.


Our Material Handling Sales Director, Randy Marcks, says this heavy-duty product is durable. These machines are built to last and are meant to serve customers for a very long time.

Paddle sweep strong

“The sweep is heavy duty because of how it’s built. We’ve got a structural framework that is shielded and then fully galvanized. We don’t have grain getting clogged or  sitting in the bin for a large amount of time. It is also heavy duty because of the bearings and drive components that were chosen during the development process.”

The Paddle Sweep is built with all Dodge Drive components, with direct drive C-face motors that fit nicely onto a gear reducer. This set-up was chosen to make sure that there is no chance of belts or bearings slipping while the Paddle Sweep is in use, which could potentially cause fires, explosions, or other hazards.

“As your operations grow and as bins become larger, our sweeps also have the capability to expand to fit those larger bins.”

The Sukup Commercial Paddle Sweep has two sizes a 5,000 bushel an hour sweep and a 10,000 bushel an hour sweep. In fact, you may have heard that Sukup designed and manufactured the world’s largest grain bin. Located at Golden Grain Energy in Mason City, Iowa, the bin is 165 feet in diameter. Along with that bin is the world’s largest Paddle Sweep, which is the 10,000 bushel an hour sweep with features added to make it run smoothly. In order to make sure the sweep runs properly in a bin of that size, three tractor pushers were added on the backside to help easily propel the sweep around the bin. We also added weights to the Paddle Sweep to help maintain traction.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Sukup Commercial Paddle Sweep, you can read more about this product and all the benefits it offers on our website. You can also fill out the “Download Brochure” form located on our Paddle Sweep page here.

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